MHonArc v1.2.3 available

1996-07-15 07:59:23
MHonArc Users,

v1.2.3 is available.  See
<URL:> for download

The following changes have been made:

        o  Extracted initialization of data structures into
           The file is just required from the main source.
        o  Use q{} instead of qq{} when trying to read database file.
           Should fix require problem under MS-DOS.
        o  Added <!--X-Reference-Id: ... --> comments at beginning
           of messages.  May aid in database recovery techniques.
        o  ';'s are now deleted in filenames in
           (applicable only when "usename" option specified)
        o  Added recognition of '/' when converted e-mail addresses
           to mailto links in message headers.
        o  Simple fix to for execution under Perl 5.

Mail any problems to this list.


    Earl Hood                  |   ISOGEN INTERNATIONAL CORP
    ehood(_at_)isogen(_dot_)com           |   dba Highland Consulting
    Phone: 214-953-0004 x127   |   2200 North Lamar #230
    FAX: 214-953-3152          |   Dallas, TX  75202

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