No longer out of memory despite large attachments

1996-07-15 06:56:55
In case anyone wondered about what happened to my problem with
MHonArc chewing up huge amounts of memory when it encountered
messages with large attachments...

I gave in and finally installed Perl 5.002, and sat down in front of a
machine with lots of free memory. It turned out that with a ~3 MB mailbox
including a number of big attachments, MHonArc claimed a 19 MB memory
image but at least it stopped there, and everything went fine. So there
is no infinite memory eating loop to worry about but, 19 MB... oh well.
It works. And if I've got things right then Larry Wall is having a look
at Perl's memory requirements, right?

Thomas Wolmer VK/EHS/VE 
Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecommunications AB - but not speaking for them
Email: ehsthwo(_at_)ehs(_dot_)ericsson(_dot_)se (urgent or work related stuff 
only, please)
       d90-two(_at_)nada(_dot_)kth(_dot_)se (anything else)

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