Re: Using the Add option

1996-07-15 07:51:02
Starting with an index page with 100 messages, I tried it (with mhonarc
1.2.2) and I get an index page with only the added messages.  All the
others aren't listed.  They're still in the mhonarc.db and in the
directory, but not in the index.  When I tried to rebuild the index with
"-editidx" I got the following error and an empty index page:

            D:\temp\test>perl c:\mhonarc\mhonarc -dbfile mhonarc.db
            ERROR: Database read error of .\mhonarc.db:
              Can't locate .mhonarc.db in @INC at (eval 3) line 1.

See if v1.2.3 works (see list message announcing v1.2.3).  There should
be a fix that will hopefully solves the problem.


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