Re: mail attachments

1996-07-17 13:43:54
Earl Hood said:

Ok, here's the message I'm trying to feed to mhonarc (with boundary

From chinay  Sun Jul 14 23:20:30 1996
Content-Length:       2272
Status: RO

Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Name: foo1
Content-Length: 2026

From bennett  Sat Jul 13 17:44:55 1996

Ugh, the horrors.  From what I see, there is no way to get mhonarc to

Agreed :-)

do what you want without code modification.  There are two possible
solutions that I see:

     o  Preprocess the message so that any lines starting with
        "From" have a ">" prefixing it.  Solaris
        systems do provide such a program: mailcompat. Or you
        can write your own.

     o  Modify mhonarc to recognize the Content-Length field.

The second is the most desirable, but I do not know off-hand how
much effort that will require.  I'll add to my todo list.

Please make this optional. The 'binmail' program used to store
arriving messages in mboxes of Digital Unix escapes 'From ' lines
in messages with '>'  but does not know anything about Content-Length
and does therefore not correct it.

If 'From ' is  not escaped it is not a mbox. I think it would be better
to add a -sunmbox switch to mhonarc. In this case the Content-Length is
assumed to be correct and the 'From ' in messages can be skipped.


BTW, your attachment is NOT a mail message with respect to MIME.
If it was, it should have a content-type of "message/rfc822".  Also,
the first "From bennett ..." would cause the attached message to
be illegal with respect to rfc822.


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