Re: and application/vnd.* MIME types

1996-09-27 08:32:50
I've never seen code that passes wildcards into arrays before like this
but purhaps perl is processing it somewhat like a regular expression.
In a regexp, a "." is used like the "?" is used in DOS DIR command (meaning
match any one character in this location).  If it is treating it like
a regexp then you might try escaping the "." so that perl knows to treat
it like a real ".".  I haven't tested this but you might try using somelike
like (the "\" is the standard perl escape):


mhonarc only handles wildcard definitions of the form (see,
search 'MIMEFilter'):


My current resource file reads:



And this results in the "Could not process..." warning for me....
       Could not process part with given Content-Type:
application/; name="idp97.xls" ;
       x-mac-type="584C5335" ; x-mac-creator="5843454C"

As a test, I edited all of the above instances to omit 'vnd.' and modified
my email client (Eudora) to
use 'application/ms-excel' instead;  worked fine.  (Unfortunately MIME
types are harder to standardize than define ;-)   So I assumed the culprit
was the '.' and started looking at the code in which parses
the content-type to see if it was parsing the above syntax correctly.
However if it worked for you without making the mods/patches to, maybe I'm barking-up the wrong tree.

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