Re: Some random thoughts - opinions desired.

1996-11-14 12:18:04

  I am involved with another list that has previously been running with
3 indexes:  Threaded, by date, and by author.   Is there any support for 
the idea of creating the ability to do by-author indexes with MHonArc?

Don't know.  I never had the need, but open to the idea.  I have
a couple of other users in the past ask about it.  It will require
some heuristics and cooperation of mail writers to be nice on how
they format their message headers.

  I currently run MHonArc behind a wrapper that creates a new directory
each month.   One of the problems with this format is that threads 
started in a previous month do not have a link back.  One way around this 
is to add some knowledge to MHonArc about these other months so it would 
be able to look for messageID's in previous archives.

This is non-trivial from what I perceive initially.  As mentioned in
the past, mhonarc is currently designed to deal with a single archive.
Some hacks could probably be done, but maybe troublesome especially if
you want links (both ways) between two archives.  When I get around
to doing the migration to Perl 5, I plan to design mhonarc to handle
multiple archives.  With Perl 5, it should be much easier than with
Perl 4.  This migration is still in the not-so-near future (v3.0).
It will be practically a complete rewrite.  And as Achim has mentioned,
it would be nice to utilize the DB modules for database stuff.

Note, mhonarc is not the only freely available software I write.  So it
has to share my time with other tools which prolongs development time.
I do listen to all comments, but acting upon them may take some time.
Now if my work involved developing mhonarc, things would happen so
much sooner.

Ahh, to be a student again ... or incredibly rich.


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