MhonArc 2.0 Newbie needs help!

1996-11-23 10:46:41

I'm calling mhonarc 2.0a2 from an individual user's .procmailrc 
(3.11pre4) file.

Two questions:

1.      When I run mhonarc from the command line the files are created 
mode 0644 (which is what I want).  When mhonarc is run via procmail, the 
files are created mode 0600.  Changing the umask using the mhonarc command 
line option does not seem to have the desired effect.  Files end up mode 
0002 and various other nonsense permissions.  Can someone steer me in the 
right direction to resolve this problem?  Changes to procmail?

2.      Using the -idxsize, -maxsize, and -multipg options in 2.0 result 
in the index files being trashed once the archive exceeds maxsize.  
Running -editidx fixes this.  Should all my adds be run with -editidx 
option set?  What does this do to performance?

System : Linux 2.0.2x Sendmail 8.8.x Procmail 3.11pre4  Mhonarc 2.0.a2

Many thanks for any help you can give me!


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