Re: trying to add

1996-11-26 11:11:43
I am running mhonarc version 1.2.3 and I got the following error
message when trying to update a page:

Reading resource file: /home/wiss/mandel/bin/mail2html/canciones.conf ...
Requiring MIME filter libraries ...
Adding message to /home/wiss/mandel/ftp/www/canciones

No new messages

This messages means that mhonarc saw no new messages in the input you
gave it.  Mhonarc stores the message ids of messages it archives.  It
will skip any messages in the input if the messages have the same ids
that exist in the archive.

Another possibility is there could be some problem on how you invoke
mhonarc.  E.g.  Trying to add a single mesage to mhonarc that is not
in mbox format, but you do not pass the message to mhonarc via stdin.
I.e.  It thinks the imput is a mbox, but it fails to see the
"From ..." line.  Listing how you invoke mhonarc and the rcfile used
will show us if this is the problem.

BTW, I have a .mhonarc.db file, the home-page for the mailbox and the
links for all the mails, that is, I have all what mhonarc generates
given a configuration file and a mailbox.  Is there any way to
reconstruct the mailbox?

Sort of.  You loose information when converting the messages to
HTML.  There is no way to reconstruct the original message header,
but you can get something that may be satisfatory.

A difficult problem is dealing with MIME messages.  Reconstructing
the MIME format can be tough since it requires a reverse process of
each of the MIME filters.  Multipart messages will be a real problem
since the content-type of the parts are lost, making it difficult to
determine the reverse transformation.


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