Avoiding overwriting the maillist.html

1996-11-27 23:54:09
I'm sorry for having to ask this question.  I've perused the FAQ, skimmed
the index message titles, and looked at the documentation, and while I'm
sure the answer to my question is somewhere, I wasn't able to find it.

I want to have an annotated index file.  I went to the trouble of putting
this in my rc file:
    <tr><td></td><td><EM>From</EM>: $FROM$</td></tr>
<!-- Annotation begin -->
<!-- Annotation end -->

The obvious problem is that when I add new messages, apparently the index
list is overwritten rather than appended to, so I lose all my annotations.
How can I keep them?

I hope the answer isn't making a backup copy, and cutting and pasting over
the appropriate LI entries...

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