Re: Avoiding overwriting the maillist.html

1996-11-28 08:42:20
Daniel DuBois said:
I want to have an annotated index file.  I went to the trouble of putting
this in my rc file:
    <tr><td></td><td><EM>From</EM>: $FROM$</td></tr>
<!-- Annotation begin -->
<!-- Annotation end -->

AFAIK you can not do it with mhonarc up to know.  All information 
that mhonarc can use in the index pages has to be in the .mhonarc.db

Therefore a solution would be to and the add your comments to the orginal
message as a header and then patch mhonarc to store it in the .mhonarc.db
file.  One also has to introduce a mhonarc variable $XCOMMENT$ (or whatever).
After that (yeah, hard work :-).   After that you would be able to use
$XCOMMENT$ just like $FROM$ in the resource file.  

It may be even better to introduce a new option

        -addheader [list of headers to additionaly store in mhonarc.db]


        -addheader comment

would store the header field value of Comment: for each message in
the mhonarc.db and creates a new resource file variable $XCOMMMENT$.

The obvious problem is that when I add new messages, apparently the index
list is overwritten rather than appended to, so I lose all my annotations.
How can I keep them?

I hope the answer isn't making a backup copy, and cutting and pasting over
the appropriate LI entries...

No :-) But there may be better solutions.

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