Re: Avoiding overwriting the maillist.html

1996-11-28 13:43:33
Uhhhhh... OK.  Sounds like a good idea.  But I don't know perl, and I don't
really want to learn a new language just for the sake of doing this.  The
possibilty of me patching mhonarc anytime soon is near zero.

On solution I thought of: Is there a way to get mhonarc to store all headers
in it's database and then show them all in the individual messages, even if
they are just 'dumb-data' in other words, not 'indexable variable's?  I
could hand change the source text files "Subject:"s lines into
"X-Original-Subject:" and make "Subject:" be my comment.

At 03:42 PM 11/28/96 +0100, Achim Bohnet wrote:
Daniel DuBois said:
I want to have an annotated index file.  I went to the trouble of putting

AFAIK you can not do it with mhonarc up to know.  All information 
that mhonarc can use in the index pages has to be in the .mhonarc.db

Therefore a solution would be to and the add your comments to the orginal
message as a header and then patch mhonarc to store it in the .mhonarc.db
file.  One also has to introduce a mhonarc variable $XCOMMENT$ (or whatever).
After that (yeah, hard work :-).   After that you would be able to use
$XCOMMENT$ just like $FROM$ in the resource file.  

It may be even better to introduce a new option
      -addheader [list of headers to additionaly store in mhonarc.db]
would store the header field value of Comment: for each message in
the mhonarc.db and creates a new resource file variable $XCOMMMENT$.

The obvious problem is that when I add new messages, apparently the index
list is overwritten rather than appended to, so I lose all my annotations.
How can I keep them?

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