Dates on Date Listing

1996-11-28 20:47:35

I recently recieved a request to have the date provided in the date 
index.  The person suggested that each date be listed as follows:

November 11
Re: Q&A w/region6 Director (0) Mike Badley 
Re: hang-gliding-dJDigestJV96J#630 (0) TMH
'W' thing at the BOD (0) TMH
Re: Cable modems, ptui (0) Alex Curylo 
November 12
Is Mike my friend too? (Re: FW: naive pe (0) Alex Curylo 
Re: Quantifying Topless Performance Chan (0) Gary Osoba 
Hang Gliding on TV (0) Chris Arai, Arai Design
Re: Quantifying Topless Performance Chan (1) Chris Arai, Arai Design
Re: Garmin GPS38 (0) John Eiden Re: Garmin GPS38 (0) Chris Arai,
Arai Design

November 13
Uncl: Nervous landings and take offs... (0) dehtppjk
Re: Cable modems, ptui (0) Bob 
Topless gossip. (1) Robert Osborn
Re: Topless gossip. (0) Marc/Rita Whisman 

Is there any way to get mhonarc to do this?

Thanks in advance

Jeff Sinason

Jeff Sinason                                          Infotech Communications

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