Re: Dates on Date Listing

1996-11-29 06:25:35
"Jeff Sinason" said:

I recently recieved a request to have the date provided in the date 
index.  The person suggested that each date be listed as follows:

November 11
Re: Q&A w/region6 Director (0) Mike Badley 
Re: hang-gliding-dJDigestJV96J#630 (0) TMH
'W' thing at the BOD (0) TMH
Re: Cable modems, ptui (0) Alex Curylo 
November 12
Is Mike my friend too? (Re: FW: naive pe (0) Alex Curylo 
Re: Quantifying Topless Performance Chan (0) Gary Osoba 
Hang Gliding on TV (0) Chris Arai, Arai Design
Re: Quantifying Topless Performance Chan (1) Chris Arai, Arai Design
Re: Garmin GPS38 (0) John Eiden Re: Garmin GPS38 (0) Chris Arai,
Arai Design

November 13
Uncl: Nervous landings and take offs... (0) dehtppjk
Re: Cable modems, ptui (0) Bob 
Topless gossip. (1) Robert Osborn
Re: Topless gossip. (0) Marc/Rita Whisman 

Is there any way to get mhonarc to do this?

No, I don't think so.  The date of an message is already available
for each message but the definition of the indexes does not allow 
to specify 'breaks' as many data base report writer do support.

Nevertheless there always the possibility to patch mhonarc. I beleave
that your wish is not too hard to hack in.

P.S. This feature is also on my 'would like to see' list.  But free time
     is too rare to do it myself.  Hint, hint :-)

Thanks in advance

Jeff Sinason

Jeff Sinason                                          Infotech Communication

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