Re: Supression of Fields on messages

1996-12-10 08:54:11
I'll assume that Hhonarc is only printing one rule, and the second rule
is coming at the top of the  message.  Which resource should be changed
to eliminate it?   Also, I am not doing a Thread index, if it makes any
difference.  The work is at
if you want to take a closer look.

The HEADBODYSEP and SUBJECTHEADER resources are what you want.
Due to backwards compatibility, changes these resources will not
affect already converted messages (new messages will be affected).
Hence, you may need to reconvert messages to get the changes you want.

Both resources noramlly contain an "<hr>".  If you just want a single
rule, just add the following to your rcfile:



To remove the <hr> from SUBJECTHEADER, do the following:



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