Re: Supression of Fields on messages

1996-12-10 10:30:07
Earl Hood wrote:

Both resources noramlly contain an "<hr>".  If you just want a single
rule, just add the following to your rcfile:



        That did it.  Thank you for the help.   

        Also, I think MhonArc is a great product.  Our public relations manager
is a "Technicaly Challenged" type, and MhonArc has made it easy enough
for her to get press releases onto our web site.  None of the other
email2web type products I evaluated had near the flexability or
configuration options of MhonArc.  Now it is as easy as a cron job!  

        Anyway, is there an ETA on current documentation for v2.x?  As a
suggestion, it might be helpfull to index the resources by what they
modify, i.e. "Index Resources" "Thread Index Resources" "Message
Resources" etc...

        Thanks again for the help.

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Seattle Public Schools                            Power 
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