Re: Supression of Fields on messages

1996-12-10 11:05:37
      Anyway, is there an ETA on current documentation for v2.x?  As a
suggestion, it might be helpfull to index the resources by what they
modify, i.e. "Index Resources" "Thread Index Resources" "Message
Resources" etc...

The 1.x documentation is organized in such a manner.

The problem with the development of mhonarc is that I have never had
any direct support of its development from employers.  Hence, its
development is solely done on time I know I can afford.  Contrary to
some opinions, documentation takes much time and work to make it
useful.  2.0 adds alot of new features.  Plus, I no longer have access
to the same environment I used before in authoring the documentation.

The ETA is up in the air.  Your best bet is to rely on the
CHANGES file to see what features are 2.0 and what are 1.x.  1.x
stuff can be found in the current doc set.  If you have questions
about 2.0 stuff, the mailing list can be used.

I am still waiting on a Sun Sparcstation at my new place of employment
so I can reestablish my development environment.


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