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1996-12-11 19:24:42
First off, I have to admit I am a newbie to mhonarc.

I am trying to set up archives of a number of newsgroups local to my 
ISP. My problem is that I don't seem able to get separate thread 
indexes for each newsgroup.

E.g. First I convert newsgroup A. using an rcfile to give it its own 
thread index file name.

Then I convert newsgroup B using the -add option, and an rcfile to 
give new thread index filename.

However the second thread index contains all the messages of the 
first newsgroup, which I don't want.

I can't convert the groups separately and store them in different 
directories, as my ISP free web space comes as a single directory.

One last thing, is it possible to change the default filename for 
messages. e.g msg0000.html to new0000.html


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