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1996-12-11 22:22:23
"Wilt" == Wilt  <icwilson(_at_)vossnet(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk> writes:
Wilt> First off, I have to admit I am a newbie to mhonarc.  I am
Wilt> trying to set up archives of a number of newsgroups local to
Wilt> my ISP. My problem is that I don't seem able to get separate
Wilt> thread indexes for each newsgroup.

Use the option "-outdir <path>".  Without this option, MHonArc tries
to output to the current directory.

Wilt> One last thing, is it possible to change the default filename
Wilt> for messages. e.g msg0000.html to new0000.html

Not in default. You might want to change some part in like
below. (Be sure that *I HAVE NOT TESTED*)

##      Routine to determine last message number in use.
sub get_last_msg_num {
    local(@files) = ();
    opendir(DIR, $'OUTDIR) || &error("ERROR: Unable to open $'OUTDIR");
#   @files = sort by_msgnum grep(/^msg\d+\.html?$/i, readdir(DIR));
    @files = sort by_msgnum grep(/^new\d+\.html?$/i, readdir(DIR));
#   grep(s/msg0+(\d)/msg$1/i, @files);
    grep(s/new0+(\d)/new$1/i, @files);
    if (@files) {
        ($n) = $files[$#files] =~ /(\d+)/;
    } else {
        $n = -1;


##      Routine to get filename of a message number.
sub msgnum_filename {
    local($num) = $_[0];
#  sprintf("msg%05d.html", $num);
   sprintf("new%05d.html", $num);

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