Re: Multiple Archives

1996-12-12 09:06:07
E.g. First I convert newsgroup A. using an rcfile to give it its own 
thread index file name.

Then I convert newsgroup B using the -add option, and an rcfile to 
give new thread index filename.

However the second thread index contains all the messages of the 
first newsgroup, which I don't want.

The problem is that you are still working with the same
archive.  Changing the index name does not cause a different
archive to be created.

I can't convert the groups separately and store them in different 
directories, as my ISP free web space comes as a single directory.

That seems strange.

One last thing, is it possible to change the default filename for 
messages. e.g msg0000.html to new0000.html

Only programmably, but is a nice feature to add.  If you could, you
can do what you want.  You already can give a different name to the
database file (by default ".mhonarc.db") via the DBFILE resource.
If you can change message prefixes, you can have multiple archives
in a single directory.

BTW, you should be able to create subdirectories of your home
directory.  If you can create files, you would have to be on one
screwing system to not be able to create directories.  Just create
a directory for each newsgroup you want archive and use the
-outdir option to specify the appropriate directory.


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