Re: mhonarc.db errors

1997-04-22 08:53:13
It is possible that the archive got corrupted.  You can always
use "perl -c" on a database file to check its validity.  Note, the
.mhoanrc.db file you sent me was truncated.  If this is the same file
you have in your archive, then something corrupted it.  If something
terminated mhonarc in the middle of writing the database, then you
will have problems.

I think I did actually terminate mhonarc once or twice while I was =
setting it up.
This may be the problem. I just can't recall terminating it as many =
times as the number of=20
databases corrupted.

MHonArc tries to cleanup when you terminate it.  If it has not
reached the writing phase of processing, it catches termination
signals so it can cleanup.  Once writing, it ignores termination
signals.  However, nothing can catch SIGKILL, or if the system
goes down abnormally.  Also, disk write problems will cause
problems (i.e.  Out of disk space, or exceeding quota).

Would simply removing the database file and letting mhonarc recreate it =
fix the problem?
*hopeful look*

I just recently forwarded a contributed reconstruction script to the
mhonarc mailing list.  Check the archives if you are not subscribed.


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