Re: msg00000 conflict problem

1997-05-08 00:27:09
I've spent the evening hunting down this msg00000 problem, and I think
I have a fairly narrow circle around it.

In my mhonarc.resource file I have this segment:

BB      $MSGNUM$        <$MSGID$>

I find that each time I run "mhonarc -add", it generates two such
derived files:

BB      00000   <3370659B(_dot_)5642(_at_)sirius(_dot_)com>
BB      04093   <3370659B(_dot_)5642(_at_)sirius(_dot_)com>

I can't tell whether it is doing this only once, or whether it is
repeatedly re-generating the file; I've never managed to catch it in
the act. I am postprocessing these files into another index, and it is
now easy for me to work around this problem by modifying the
postprocessor to look for duplicated message ID's.

Thanks for your attention.

Great software package.

Brian Reid

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