Request for configurability of .htm/.html extension

1997-05-09 09:46:52
Hi Earl,

I used the recent MHonArc beta for generating an archive
of postings from a mailing list I maintain. The web provider
that I wanted to upload the generated pages to supports only
".htm" extensions (8.3 naming conventions) as opposed to
the ".html" extensions normally used.

I found that, whereas the date index and thread index filenames
can be specified as resources or command line parameters
(and can have whatever extension one likes), the individual
message files "msg00000.html, msg00001.html, ..."
have a hard-coded extension ".html".

In order to have MHonArc generate ".htm" extensions instead,
one has to change the hard-coded extensions ".html" at
several occurrences in the two files and,
and possibly some occurrences in the mhonarc perl script itself.

Whereas this can be done with not so much effort, some resource
(could be named HTMLEXT or similar) for setting the default
extension of the generated HTML files would be helpful.

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