Re: Segmentation fault

1997-08-11 11:44:53
I am running Mhonarc on a solaris 2.4 system using perl 5.004.  I'm 
wondering if the occurance of the dump may be due to something other than 
permissions to writing to the directory.  

MhonArc was automatically archiving mail until it hit msg00009.html.  I 
checked it manually form the command line:

      %mhonarc -add -outdir /usr2/www/deposit/ /var/mail/dep

Reading database ...
Requiring content filter libraries ...
Requiring charset filter libraries ...
Adding messages to /usr2/www/deposit/
Reading /var/mail/dep ...............
Writing mail ...........Segmentation fault (core dumped)

It looks like message 11 is where it is crashing (I counted the
dots).  However, it is hard to tell if it is something unique
about the message, or some other bug.  Are you able to consistently
cause the crash?  Does the crash occur when creating a new archive
from the input instead of an add?

If you have a case that always crashes, you can send me the input data
and I can try it on my system.  However, I am running Solaris 2.5.1 with
Perl 5.003, so if it is a system or Perl problem, I may not be able to

Another thing to try is to run mhonarc under the debugger.  For example:

    perl -d mhonarc -add -outdir /usr2/www/deposit/ /var/mail/dep

Type 'c' to start the program when you get the debugger prompt.  If
you know perl, you can set breaks and traces and various spots.  If
not, just see if the debugger is capable of capture the segmentation
fault signal and tell you where you are at in the mhonarc code.


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