Re: .gz problem

1997-08-11 11:54:05
For some reason when I run the following script, MHonArc is looking for a
.gz file.  All of the directory and file references are correct in the
script.  Just for debugging purposes I've given everything in site chmod

In 2.1.0, if mhonarc cannot open a file for reading, it checks if a .gz
version of the file exists for opening.  Check to make sure the mailbox
you are specifying exists and is readable.  The error message is
misleading, but it implies that mhonarc was unable to open the mailbox
file.  If things are working for your other archives, I currently can
not see how it is a mhonarc problem (but it is possible).

BTW, I have kept earlier MHonArc releases and anyone can get at them
with the following URL:

This way users can try earlier versions when having problems to
see if the problem is version specific.


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