Visio Attachments

1997-08-20 04:50:20
hi all,

i have read the FAQ suggestions of how to deal with attachments. i
looked at the file which does not support the visio type.

does that mean i nned to write my own filter for me to be able to store
that file
through mhonarc?

currently it stores it as  a .bin file. when i modified the resource
file and made the
m2h_external filter to use "usename" option it stopped saving the file
and instead
started giving a warning about unknown type and such.

if someone could explain how to get around this then i would really
appreciate that.
example code often helps far more than a discussions as code is a more
uniform language.

has anybody extended the capability of the m2h_external filter to handle
other file types?
if yes then could they please share example code?

thank you very much! i have subscribed to this  newsgroup however, i
have not yet recieved the
confirmation. so if you could please include my email add in your
CC then that would be
safer for me to get the answer.

best regards,
Pradeep Dev Pandey

  Work: (510) 749-8608
  Home: (510) 865-7238

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