Re: Visio Attachments

1997-08-27 12:41:35
however, when i get Framemaker and pdf attachments, then, in
mail, this is how i see them:

Name: chap1.frm
Type: unspecified type (application/octet-stream)
Encoding: base64

Name: ss5.pdf
Type: Adobe Acrobat (application)
Encoding: base64

how should i deal with pdf and frm files when their subtypes are either
not showing up (as in pdf) or its conflicting (as octet-stream is setup
in for bin and framemaker files are coming in as octet

(Note: It is more informative to see the actual MIME headers instead
 of Netscapes trnaslation of them.)

Get people to put the right content-types on their data :) Humor aside,
it is the best way.  You could modify the default filters of MHonArc to
check if the filename given for the data (if specified) matched the
content-type.  This could be a problem because you would have to rely
on the extension, and who is to say that the content-type is not
correct, and the filename is just a name.


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