Re: bug-report

1998-01-20 10:28:13
to follow up on what Earl Hood said:

I decided to not deal with 8.3 filesystems (especially with documentation).
It makes it a pain to downgrade stuff to conform to 8.3.  I think
a reasonable decision for freeware.

It's something of a question as to whether you consider your
potential host population to extend to NT, or to Win95.  There
are enough problems with long file names on 95 so that the Ap may
wish to take charge by downshifting to 8.3 as a preventive

Lynx has been modified for compatibility with 8.3 filenames.  I
don't pretend to know what all it took, or what form it takes.
If anyone is sufficiently interested in making MHonArc easy to
host on 8.3 systems, you might want to look at what was done
there.  Start at <> and wend you way down
to the INSTALLATION guide for _the development version_ (not
2.7.2) which is the Intel-capable variant.  And of course find
out from Earl what kinds of patches he is and isn't interested in
looking at.

-- Al Gilman

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