Re: bug-report

1998-01-20 08:55:55
I installed mhonarc version 2.1.0 on my PC (MS-Windows 3.11, perl 5.004)
I noticed the following two problems:

1) HTML documentation file-names overlap on MS-DOS 8.3 file-system. For
  instance tsubjectbeg.html and tsubjectend.html

Non-Unix MHonArc support relies on volunteers,

So does Unix or any other OS.  I am grateful to users that help
provide support for all platforms.

none of whom run DOS or Win
3.1 any more to my knowledge.  There are a few Win32 assisters who would
not pick up this kind of problem empirically.

I decided to not deal with 8.3 filesystems (especially with documentation).
It makes it a pain to downgrade stuff to conform to 8.3.  I think
a reasonable decision for freeware.

2) The following problem occurs with Eudora 3.01(16) mailboxes
    mhonarc extracts the date from either the Date: or Received: fields.
    These Eudora mail-boxes contain neither Date: nor Received: fields.
    The date is available only from the "From " message separator.

A reason the "From " line is not dealt with is that it is
only a message separator.  And since the message separator types
can be changed via the MSGSEP resource, there is no uniform way
to do date extraction.  For example, the MMDF format uses four
Control-A's as a separator.

In a related note, I've been trying to write a processor to export
Microsoft MAPI-format mail (Exchange and Outlook) to a MHonArc compatible
format, with slow results because of the complex way that MS stores its
mail messages (COM object database).  It would be nice if there were a Perl
MAPI module.

Is there any interest in using MHonArc with MS Exchange or Outlook mail?

Not me :-P  Seriously, on a related issue, it may be nice to
gather contributions from users that have had to create preprocessors
of various formats for use with mhonarc.  Also, common MSGSEP and
MHPATTERN resource settings will be useful.  Contributions can be
included in the FAQ.


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