Re: bug-report

1998-01-20 07:34:25
I installed mhonarc version 2.1.0 on my PC (MS-Windows 3.11, perl 5.004)
I noticed the following two problems:

1) HTML documentation file-names overlap on MS-DOS 8.3 file-system. For
  instance tsubjectbeg.html and tsubjectend.html

Thanks for submitting.

Non-Unix MHonArc support relies on volunteers, none of whom run DOS or Win
3.1 any more to my knowledge.  There are a few Win32 assisters who would
not pick up this kind of problem empirically.

2) The following problem occurs with Eudora 3.01(16) mailboxes
      mhonarc extracts the date from either the Date: or Received: fields.
      These Eudora mail-boxes contain neither Date: nor Received: fields.
      The date is available only from the "From " message separator.

That is (unfortunately) typical of Eudora out.mbx files.  Incoming mail
contains a standard date field but outgoing mail saved by Eudora does not.
If I remember correctly, this also affects Eudora messages copied from the
out.mbx file into any other Eudora mailbox.

   Work around:
      Wrote a perl script that extracts the date from the From field
      and writes a new mail-box with Date: fields.
      out.mbx: Sample mailbox   Perl Script

That's the way I've dealt with this also.  Rather than making MHonArc grow
beyond the few well-known formats it handles well, make a preprocessor to
handle message files in other formats.

In a related note, I've been trying to write a processor to export
Microsoft MAPI-format mail (Exchange and Outlook) to a MHonArc compatible
format, with slow results because of the complex way that MS stores its
mail messages (COM object database).  It would be nice if there were a Perl
MAPI module.

Is there any interest in using MHonArc with MS Exchange or Outlook mail?

-- SP

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