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1998-03-01 11:21:12

I am new to MHonArc and there are some questions left after reading the 
manual. I would appreciate if you could help me out.

What I have:
An account on a UnixServer with a
cgi directory,
and two POP3 accounts,
no telnet account or listserver.
This account hosts my webserver.
The way things work now is that I have a messageboard on my site and people 
can subscribe, so that every message gets sent to them. No possibility how 
a reply can have access to the wwwboard.

What I would like to have:
Ability to access messages on the Web, that have been sent to one POP 
account using MHonArc,
distribute messages via email to people who subscribe.
- Overall somehow a mixture of a messageboard on the web and a mailinglist -

What I think I should have:
Telnet access and a listserver ?
Is that right, or is there any other way to accomplish this.

Regards, Peter

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