Re: resource file examples

1998-03-01 13:10:31
Hi folks!

I'm new to this Mhonarc stuff, but I sure like it so far.  Just installed
Mhonarc for a small list that I run for people fishing a small bay near Houston.
( for those interested ).

My issue is that the appearance of the message pages is pretty 'plain vanilla'
and it does not match the layout for the rest of the site.  I've looked through
the manual pages on the web, and have been able to make some small ajustments to
the appearance and display order of the index pages, but I'm pretty lost about
how to go about doing the same for the message pages.

What I'd like is some pointers to some example resource files that put up some
fairly attractive message pages.  With a couple of examples, I'm good to go.
But with only the docs in hand - well, I'm pretty baffled about how to proceed
with just a bunch of definitions of the resource tags.

Any help, examples and pointers would be appreciated!!



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