Re: resource file examples

1998-03-02 09:30:15
Rather than messing around with resource files, I simply edited the PERl scri
pt for
the entire Mhonarc program (hope this is ok with you Earl).

It's okay, but if you distribute, you need to following the guidelines
detailed in the GNU General Public License.

I have full cont
over the visual aspects of the messages.

Modifying code to affect visual layout of the pages should not be
required unless absolutely necessary.  There are resources that allow
to do control page layout w/o changing the code.

The problem with changing code to get a specific visual appearance
can hurt you when later, better, versions of MHonArc come out.  You
would have to re-add the code changes for each new release.

The only issue you may run into is
implementation of tables, it has been so long that I cannot remember the issu
right off hand but I do recall the problems arose out of the <PRE> tag.  To v
iew my
site point your browser to

As an example to get a table layout like the one used at the mentioned
URL, one can do something like the following:

<table width=740 border=0>
<tr><td width=100 bgcolor="#000099">&nbsp;</td>
<td width=640>


Change the resource settings to fit your needs.  Note, browsers do tend
to do things screwy when text data in a cell is larger than the set
cell width.  The browsers may affect other cell widths to undesired
results when rendering the table.


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