newbie question (yet another...)

1998-03-30 07:31:34
Hi all
I apologize if this is a dummy question for you, MHonArc gurus ,but...
We're trying to setup MHonArc on our server and, just to start,
everything is gone ok!
Our question is: how we can customize the, say, background of our page?
We've modified (just to test) the title but the next message overwrote
My configuration is:
MHonArc 2.2.0 / DECUnix 4.0A (ALPHA Server 1000 4/266)

the archiving is "automatized" by sendmail alias ('cause the list is
not a heavy-traffic one)

microg-outgoing:    :include:/majordomo/lists/microg,
"|/majordomo/wrapper -a -m -f
/majordomo/files/microg.archive/MG", "| /mhonarc -add -outdir


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