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1998-04-24 00:39:17
"AMB" == Adam M Bodnar <abodnar(_at_)mail(_dot_)utexas(_dot_)edu> writes:

AMB> I just started working on archiving a mailing list I subscribe to.

Ugh.  Subject prefixes.  I have a hack that takes these things, along with
footers at the bottom of each message, out of the archived copy.
Unfortunately it's, well, a hack.  Patch on request only; it's
EWH-disapproved and might lag the current version of MHonArc a bit.

If you're using procmail to send the list mail to the archive, you can use
a rule like this to strip the prefixes:

*^From gtk-list-request
        :0 h
        SUBJECT=| formail -xSubject: | sed 's/\[gtk-list\] //'

        :0 fhw
        |formail -i "Subject:" -a "Subject:$SUBJECT"


I only stuff the mail in a spool file, but you could also pipe it to
mhonarc.  Something more creative would you let you strip the footers, too,
without patching MHonArc.

 - J<

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