Re[2]: Statistics

1998-04-27 04:12:03
Salut Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs(_at_)hpc(_dot_)uh(_dot_)edu>, [ 27/04/98 
11:09 ]
"RC" == Richard Carlier <rcarlier(_at_)reservoir-prod(_dot_)fr> writes:

RC>> How can I (if I can...) make statistics on my archives ?

JLTI> If you have mbox folders lying around, you can look at

JLTI> It's a statistics gathering  package. I think you can also send
JLTI> individual messages to it and it will accumulate a log.

Thks, but...

I download it... But with my Windows how can I use this file ?

I'm trying to uncompress it with winrar, but it's appear like ONE
file, with some X in start of each line...

If sombody can send it to me in a little ZIP file, I will be the most
happy man on earth  ;-))  (not in list, of course)

To be continued...

         Richard CARLIER
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