Re: MHonArc API (was Re: Statistics)

1998-04-24 15:51:20
"RH" == Raymond Hines <solari(_at_)gte(_dot_)net> writes:

RH> You may be interested "MailWatch" which is a Perl program that [...]

Note that logmail, which I mentioned earlier, is a rewritten version of

# logreport -- generates reports from logmail logs
# Copyright 1997 by David Wolfe 
<david_wolfe(_at_)risc(_dot_)sps(_dot_)mot(_dot_)com>. May be
# freely used, modified, and redistributed under the same terms as Perl.
# Absolutely no warranty of any kind. Author is not responsible for any
# damage or loss caused by use of this program.
# Thanks to MailWatch v0.31 by Shayde (?) for the basis of this program.
# See for details.
# I started out just fixing some problems in mailwatch, but ended up
# rewriting the whole thing.

 - J<

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