RE: Re[2]: Statistics

1998-04-28 08:45:55
At 8:12 AM -0700 4/27/98, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

It's a shell archive.  You don't see many of them these
days, but even my
old Amiga could extract one.  Of course, once you extract
it I have no idea
whether or not it will run.

Chuq wrote:

It won't. (and to richard, it's a unix program... And shell, unlike
something like perl, isn't going to run on Windows easily).

There are "unshar" programs for DOS/Win.

This shell archive contains Perl scripts.  From a quick skim, there are a
few Unixish semantics (e.g. file locking) that might or might not be handled
properly in the latest Perl ports to the Win32 platform.  At most a few
minutes of porting work for someone who knows Perl, Unix, and DOS

-- SP

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