Re: Have a look

1998-04-24 10:33:06
to follow up on what Adam M. Bodnar said:

I just started working on archiving a mailing list I subscribe to.

I was wondering if someone could take a look at mine and give me some
suggestions or ideas on it.

I really like your index pages.  On the thread page, I would
link from the author name _for follow-ups_ but that is a fine point.

On the message pages, I find room for improvement relative to the
"speech-friendly" guideline "minimize the links that one has to
pass over to get to the meat of the matter."  


Blind people mostly access the WWW with the aid of text-to-speech
or web-to-speech tools.  And their predominant navigation mode is
to step from link to link.  Without the visual presentation, one
cannot rapidly scope out what is preliminaries and leap to the
body of the web page, which sorta starts with a title based on
the Subject: header of the message and proceeds with the body of
the message.


For a prototype Mhonarc archive that caters to speech
sensibilities, see

rcfile at:


For a production website that does a good job relative to this
particular guideline, see

Al Gilman

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