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1998-04-27 10:04:11
On April 25, 1998 at 18:46, Dataweaver wrote:

I run a majordomo mailing list that has built up an extensive archive over
the years (there are currently four volumes of digests, each containing
approximately a thousand digests); obviously, the archives have started to
become unusable due to their sheer bulk, so I started looking around for a
web-based archive interface to better organize everything and found

Unfortunately, MHonArc can't handle the size involved; I keep getting out
of memory errors...

The common practice to to create multiple archives for a given list
broken up by month.  This way archive sizes stay reasonable and

Other options:

    o   Try the -savemem option.  Execution is slower (due to more
        file I/O), but it may be helpful.  -savemem causes mhonarc
        to dump converted message data to disk instead of keeping
        it all in memory.  Note, data associated with index, threads,
        and navigation are still kept in memory.

    o   Break up input data into smaller chunks and run mhonarc
        on the chunks in sequence (using -add after the first chunk).

Also, when I first started setting this up, I tried using a resource file
to customize the look of my pages, and got an out of memory error when I
tried running it (on a single e-mail message).  

In your resource file, make sure you properly close all non-empty
resource elements (review the RCFILE resource page on file syntax).
If a resource element is not properly closed, it may contain some
huge value.  And depending on the element, the value could cause
mhonarc to do unpredictable, or undesirable, things.


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