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1998-04-27 12:41:45
On April 27, 1998 at 10:47, Dataweaver wrote:

The common practice to to create multiple archives for a given list
broken up by month.  This way archive sizes stay reasonable and

OK; I'll try that.  BTW, does anyone have a script that I could use in a
procmail to add individual mails to the current month's archive, and to
start up a new archive each month?

Search the list archives and check the FAQ.  Several users have posted
Procmail recipies.

In your resource file, make sure you properly close all non-empty
resource elements (review the RCFILE resource page on file syntax).
If a resource element is not properly closed, it may contain some
huge value.  And depending on the element, the value could cause
mhonarc to do unpredictable, or undesirable, things.

I double-checked, and the close tags were all there.  Mind you, some of
the elements were rather large anyway (I have an extensive page header
that I prefer to use)...

Make sure that end tags are on a lines by themselves.  Also, watch
out for possible recursion when defining resources that set the
value of resource variables.

I have used large resource files w/o problems.  The frames.rc example
is quite extensive.

As far as that goes, though, I'd prefer to have the index and thread pages
generated on the fly by a seperate CGI script - the savings in disk space
are more than enough to justify the extra processing time.  Could someone
point me to the parts of mhonarc that deal with the creation of the index
and thread pages?  


BTW, when reporting problems, it is beneficial to state version of
MHonArc, version of Perl, and the system you are using.  See the README.


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