nmh, mtstailor, and From: field rewriting

1998-05-18 12:55:37
The MH FAQ says to edit /usr/lib/mh/mtstailor in order to have MH not
manage the headers:

  You can get MH to stop managing the headers and let the email
  server to do it.  To do this, build MH with the options DUMB and
  REALLYDUMB.  In the mtstailor file, set the server option to the IP
  address of the email server.  After this is done, MH sends email
  directly to the email server and Local email To: and From: fields
  just have the user's simple email address, e.g., <fred>, and the
  remote email From: header will contain user(_at_)domainname, e.g.,

However this doesn't seem applicable to nmh.  Certainly there is no
mtstailor file for nmh (that I can find).  How to do, preferably on a
site-wide basis?

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