Re: Small Problem With Images in MHonarc

1998-05-18 21:18:39
On May 17, 1998 at 23:15, "Howard K. Schmidt" wrote:

I have a small but annoying problem with embedded images in MHonarc archives.
I can easily get an image into an email, and that email turns into a nice web
page with MHonarc, but there is an extra 'blank' image included in the
resulting archive page.  For example, you can see:

Actually, that example has three images, and thus three extra blanks.  Does
anyone know where these extra images come from and how I can eliminate them?

The problem is that mhonarc does not support MHTML.  From the look
of the page, the message was using MHTML.  The three blank areas are
where the images are intended to be.  In MHTML, links to data that
are included in the same message use the "cid:" url to denote the parts
of the message to link to.  MHonArc does not support this.


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