Re: Remove bug

1998-05-22 21:17:38
On May 22, 1998 at 16:40, 
marianne_betterly-kohn(_at_)ccgate(_dot_)apl(_dot_)com wrote:

I've inherited an old application that is using Mhonarc 1.2.3, 
written with Perl 5. I have a problem with remove (-rmm). It is 
removing the files from disk but still displaying them on the 
maillist.html. My page is huge right now and I need to fix the 

You should check that you did not fall victim to Web browser
caching.  I.e.  The maillist.html did get updated, but your
browser was still using a previous cached copy.  Make sure you
get an actual reload.

How do I get them to remove from the maillist? Should I 
upgrade software? If so, what version?

The latest version is avaliable at the mhonarc home page.  Read
the release notes file (RELNOTES) for issues on upgrading from
1.2.3 (there have been several releases since then).  RELNOTES
contains a complete history of release notes.


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