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1998-05-26 12:33:59
On May 26, 1998 at 09:10, 
marianne_betterly-kohn(_at_)ccgate(_dot_)apl(_dot_)com wrote:

Thanks for your quick response. However, the problem is not with the 
caching. The maillist file is rebuilt daily with new entries, but 
still references the deleted files - I don't know why.

How is this "rebuild" done?  Are you recreating the archive from
scratch each time, or are doing an update (ie. using -add)?  If
recreating from scratch, then you need to check the data you
pass to mhonarc.  If the messages you do not want are in the data you
pass in, then mhonarc will archive them.  You have to remove the
messages from the input mail folders beforehand.

I keep 
thinking it may be a corrupted database??? But the other maillists 
(there are around 15 of them in other directories) are all 
functioning fine and -rmm works on them... This 'bad' one currently 
has 2,906 entries - only 800 are actually on disk now. Any other 

If you have been using -add to do your "rebuilds" (which implies
that is not a real rebuild), then the following may cause the
problems you are having:

    o   Corrupt maillist.html.  A way to see if this is the problem
        is to delete maillist.html.  Then run mhonarc with the
        -editidx option to create a new one.  If things look okay,
        then it was the problem.  The important part here is to
        delete maillist.html before running with -editidx.

        Note, maillist.html is handled differently from threads.html.
        If threads.html looks okay and maillist.html does not, it is
        highly likely that maillist.html is messed up.  maillist.html
        is actually edited during updates -- unlike threads.html which
        is always recreated.  The edit is done to support the old
        resources HEADER and FOOTER.  The delete maillist.html and
        -editidx run should fix the problem with corrupted maillist.html.

    o   Out of sync database file.  If there was a failure for mhonarc
        to write the database during an operation, you may get problems
        in future operations.  Failure to write can be due to 
        invalid file permissions, out of disk, or disk I/O error.
        Note, make sure to check all warnings and errors generated
        by mhonarc.  If your archives are automated, mhonarc
        diagnostics should be captured in some fashion and periodically

        Out of sync can be hard to diagnose unless you know how mhonarc
        does things.  I recommend recreating the archive from scratch.

    o   Database corrupted.  If on the rare occurrance that the db
        got corrupted but mhonarc does not complain when it is
        loaded, treat as the same as "out of sync database".
        Recreate the archive.  Normally, db corruption will cause
        mhonarc to barf when trying to read it.  If this is the
        case, recreate archive.

Side Tip:  If you are using -rmm to remove old messages from an
archive, you may want look into the EXPIREAGE and EXPIREDATE
resources.  These provide an automated method to removing old


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