Procmail (was RE: My Problems)

1998-05-29 13:44:28
From:         John Beranek[SMTP:jberanek(_at_)acorn(_dot_)com]

From your original message:

* ^Subject:.*test
|/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -add -quiet [...]


Illegal option -t
procmail: Couldn't determine implicit lockfile from
"/usr/local/bin/mhonarc" >From jberanek(_at_)acorn(_dot_)com  Fri May 29 
17:04:14 1998
Subject: test
Folder: /usr/local/bin/mhonarc -add [...]

I am by no means a procmail expert (but there is a *great* mailing
list I can point you at where the experts "live"), but here's my
take on your questions....

Also, I now guess the message in the procmail log is just a 
warning? Am I right?

It *is* a warning but you should probably fix it anyway.  It appears
that procmail is *not* creating a lock (as specified by the final ":"
in the ":0:" that starts your recipe.

Without a lock, more than one instance of MHonArc might be started
by the recipe.  Now MHonArc does it own locking but I'm not sure how
that would interact with multiple instances of procmail getting 
started as mail keeps coming in.

Normally procmail will form the name of it's lock-file from the
"folder" name that the message is being saved to.  In your case, 
since you're pushing the message thru a program, procmail can't 
figure out what name to use for the lock file.

You can either disable the implicit locking by removing the final
":" and rely on MHonArc to handle things (but see my caveat above,
you might end of with *many* procmail processes hung and waiting
for MHonArc to complete) or you can specify a lock file name like 


One other thing.... Unless you own the machine that MHonArc will
be running on or you're good friends with the system administrator,
you might not want to use procmail to archive each message as it
comes in.  MHonArc is pretty resource intensive (more so as the
archive gets larger) and the person who owns the machine might
object to the load that MHonArc imposes as it archives each 
message upon arrival (*especially* for active lists).

What I do is save the messages in a folder and them use a
unix shell script periodically to add the accumulated messages
to the archive once or twice a day...


How can I keep a copy of the mailing list messages?  

This one is simple...

Just add one additional recipe to make a copy of the message
just before the one that activates MHonArc, like so:

   * ^Subject:.*test
   * ^Subject:.*test
   |/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -add -quiet [...]
The "copy" of the message (if not handled by any other recipe) 
will end up in your default location (usually your inbox).

Furthermore, I've been unable to find a common english description of how
I change what the archive _looks_ like.  I've figured it's all based on
"resource files", but how exaxtly do you set these up?

Well, the resources are *exhaustively* explained in the html
documentation that comes with MHonArc.

You can also check out my MHonArc page:

to see the resource files behind my EtherBun archive.



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