Re: My Problems

1998-05-29 11:48:56
  Hmm, well, after my long message, I find it does actually put messages
with test in the subject into the archive.

  So, my question has to change to, How can I keep a copy of the mailing
list messages?  Also, I now guess the message in the procmail log is just
a warning? Am I right?

  Furthermore, I've been unable to find a common english description of
how I change what the archive _looks_ like.  I've figured it's all based
on "resource files", but how exaxtly do you set these up?

  John (embarassed about the original message? .... yes. :)

        John Beranek, Software Engineer, Consultancy Division,
     Acorn Computers Limited.       Web site:
              Tel: +44 1223 725211   Fax: +44 1223 725311

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