MHonArc development status (was Re: My Problems )

1998-05-29 14:52:26
On May 29, 1998 at 11:47, J C Lawrence wrote:

  Furthermore, I've been unable to find a common english description
of how I change what the archive _looks_ like.  I've figured it's
all based on "resource files", but how exaxtly do you set these up?

Quite simply:  Copy someone elses approach that you like, and then
start modifying.  Working from scratch is an exercise in hair pulling.

Nice analogy.  I have long hair, so it hurts more.

I hope to have more instructional-oriented documentation some time
in the future.  Unfortunately, doing documentation is a very time
consuming task (it can take as long and sometimes longer than doing
the code).

I am currently making the attempt to transition my tools development
environment to my (new) computer at home so I can put more time into my
tools development.  Currently, I have an environment I carry with me at
my places of employment.  Until I get a Unix OS (Linux) on my new
computer, development will be sporadic.  Until I am comfortable with
which Linux to go with and which X server/client software to use
(support for my video card is only available for one free X server -
XSuSE), I have been trying to create a comparable environment under
Windoze using the GNU-Win32 from Cygnus and ported utilities (still in
progress).  My main problem is that I have been using SCCS for revision
control with my own Perl front-end.  Looks like I will have to migrate
to RCS and redo my front-end (I am looking at CVS).

With all that said, the next release is being delayed longer than
I intend.  I do hope to improve the documentation and have some
utilities to make archive administration better.


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