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1998-05-29 13:29:42
On May 29, 1998 at 17:49, John Beranek wrote:

  So, my question has to change to, How can I keep a copy of the mailing
list messages?

I am not I have not used Procmail, but I am sure you can have it
send a copy to your mail spool file.  If not, you can do it via
your .forward (assuming you are using sendmail).  For example:

\username, "|some program here ..."

Also, I now guess the message in the procmail log is just
a warning? Am I right?

Hopefully subscribed Procmail users can help on this one.

  Furthermore, I've been unable to find a common english description of
how I change what the archive _looks_ like.  I've figured it's all based
on "resource files", but how exaxtly do you set these up?

The documentation is more reference oriented, so it is lacking in the
"instructional" aspect.  A start is to look at the "Page Layout"
section.  This shows you what resources affect page appearance.
Checking each resource will show its default setting plus some possible

There are some example resource files provided in the examples directory
of the distribution.  They may help.  Users on occasion have given
pointers to what they have done on this list.  So you may want
search through the list archives.


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