msgid instead of seq. number for output files

1998-07-30 08:15:46
I've got a lot of messages in the archive that contain an
URL to other message in the archive (or others here).  Regrouping,
remove spam etc, would change the msg number used :-(   Msg-Id are
also much easier to use to do lookup of messages between the (sub)
archives of a mailing list.

So before I put it on top of my TODO list ...

Has anybody tried to patch mhonarc to use the msgid for the name of
file instead of the sequential numbering?  So files


instead of



Earl, does it make sense to make this bigger extention for mhonarc v2?
Or should one better wait and hack an alpha of mhonarc v3 (whenever
this will be).

Ah, before I get asked: If no message-id is given mhonarc should/will
create it's own id on the fly as it does now.