Re: msgid instead of seq. number for output files

1998-07-31 12:38:27
MHonArc adding IDs will not help duplicate message checking.  It helps in
other ways.

Yes, I don't know what I was thinking...  One of those days where everything
that I post doesn't quite make sense...  :)

Something like FROMFIELDS can be done.  However, I will need more
information on the requirements that are needed to make it
effective.  For example, is a simple string compare sufficient,
or is something more elaborate needed.  Can I take the two md5sums
and just do a string compare to determine uniqueness?  Or are
additional computations needed depending on the fields that are
being evaluated.

The md5sums are all unique and just need a string compare.  There 
is no additional computation needed.  The mathematical probability
of finding two dissimilar messages with the same md5 sum are
1:18446744073709551616.  That's a pretty small chance.